Generic #45 51645AA HP Black 833pg

Brand: Product Code: G51645AA

Price: $17.42

Ex Tax: $15.84
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Product Description

Generic #45 51645AA HP Black 833pg

For use with:
Colour Copier 170, 190, 290, DeskJet 710c, 720c, 820cxi, 830c, 850c, 850k, 870cxi, 880c, 890c, 895cxi, 930c, 950c, 960c, 970cxi, 990cxi, 1000cxi, 1120c, 1125, 1180c, 1220, 1280, 1600c, 6122, 9300, OfficeJet G55, 85, 95, K60, 80, R45, R65, T45, T65, OJ Pro 1150c, 1170c, 1175c, Photosmart P1215, P1218